Monday, July 24, 2006

Where are they now? Part 1: C.J. Lee (Sarge)

Welcome to the first in a series of posts attempting to unearth the truth (and nothing but) regarding the modern day whereabouts of those who ran on the outside track of the GQD stadium, teetered precariously over the GQD chasm, crept in the shadows bordering the GQD search light… i.e. those who were associated with the band at some time, but then mysteriously vanished. Former lead guitarist, satirist and Welshman Chris Lee is first up to take the centre stage...

Chris was a founding member of the band in the early 1990's, when all 5 met at University in Birmingham (in the Midlands, in the UK). He was majoring in Animal Husbandry with minors (what he always referred to as his 'get-out clauses') in Psychology and Hair-dressing.

Chris was cast out of the ‘Flatulent 5’ in 1992, partly due to his inability to play a C# Major 7 whilst drunk, and partly because he had forgotten to turn up on several occasions, and he moved from a career in the spotlight, to one behind the scenes. He soon realised he wasn’t destined to be a Spotlight Operator for the rest of his life, so he jumped on a ship leaving from the Edgbaston reservoir, bound for Australia.

Chris spent 15 years of his decade in Australia as a missionary; spreading the ‘good word of the lord’ across the bible belt of central New South Wales (naturally), where he settled down to father 14 boys, and 2 girls.

He eventually got bored of ‘Down Under’ and returned to his roots in Swansea (he lives under an old tree). To this day, he can still be heard muttering if you stray too close to his conkers. He works as a receptionist in a beauty parlour by day, and is a professional gardener at the weekends.

If you know Chris, or are Chris – contact us and let’s set the story straight!


Dave said...

Is he really a former Welshman? What nationality did he change to?

Marty P said...

Australian... if you're being pedantic

Anonymous said...

I heard the dear boy became a Evangelical. With love from his first wife, Katie. PS He is still talked about in the local public houses of Sydney.