Saturday, August 26, 2006

Where Are They Now? Part 4: Mark 'Spandex'

Tree surgeon by day, party reveller by night, Mark 'Spandex' was another strange 'supporter' from the Reading area, often adorned with snakeskin patterned trousers that were tight enough for you to be able to know his religion from 20 foot away (hence his adoptive name, Spandex).

Never as familiar as Bob (Triple 'T'), it was always immediately evident that Mark had arrived at a gig as his soul harboured the collective energies and excitement of a busload of 10 year old fat kids on their way to an 'all you can eat' night at the local KFC; an overwhelming, over-keeness swept into the room as he entered.

Ah Mark Spandex... sorely missed...

... perhaps a more careful aim should be taken next time.

If you know Mark Spandex, or you are Mark Spandex, contact us and let's set the story straight.

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