Friday, July 28, 2006

Where are they now? Part 2: Sean Busby-Little (The Buzzard)

Some-time roadie, guitar technician, PA engineer and housemate to members of Good Question Derek, Sean Busby-Little (not a made up name) had the perfect body-weight to height ratio for powerboat racing (or at least that's what the guy told him who sold Sean his power boat to him).

He was brought up by a pack of wolves in Somerset and spent his early years performing circus tricks for pennies and scraps of food. Sean was the first person any of us knew to have one of them there newfangled mobile telephones and always carried an extra overnight bag wherever we went for his spare battery and charger.

If you know Sean, or are Sean – contact us and let’s set the story straight!


16 August 2006
As Marty P quite rightly pointed out in the comments to this post, a simple Google search revealed that Sean was indeed Front Of House Sound Engineer on the last Bob Geldolf tour (what a come down for Sean)! A bit more Googling found a mobile number for Sean and a swap of text messages lead to trading emails and we're now back in touch!

As well as sound engineering, Sean confirmed that "I live in sunny Cornwall now in Newquay. My fiance and I have a restaurant here, check out the website."


Marty P said...

Google him. Turns out he's doing okay as a sound engineer now (good God!).. FOH at Sir Bob's last tour! Blimey.

Dave said...

On that Google search I also found a mobile number for him. I've sent him an SMS with the URL for this site.