Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Old Photos Part 1: The Danny Baker Show

Every now and then I'll post some old photos of the band.

These pictures were taken in the green room when we recorded the pilot to The Danny Baker Show at BBC TV Centre in London. Videos of the songs we performed on the show can be see in an earlier post. On the day of filming we gave Danny Baker a copy of the Sick Squid CD and a week or two later he played Ugly on his Radio One Saturday morning show (or at least he played up to the end of the first chorus before he realised there was swearing in it)!

Nice trousers Marty P!

And what sort of face is Midge pulling??

These ladies were the world's tallest twins.

It's Cheggers the loveable alchy!!

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Marty P said...

I don't remember Jules' quick shirt switch...!